The perfect team — a storyteller, a hero, a leader


Maureen Fura, Writer/Director

When Maureen discovered she was pregnant she knew something was wrong. At her first OB appointment she told the doctor she didn’t feel like herself, that she was sad. Her OB told her she should be happy she’s having a baby. It took Maureen six months and countless visits to 29 different medical professionals to get the help she needed. Outraged and confused, Maureen has wanted to tell this story for more than four years. Maureen finally found the missing piece, Jennifer.


Jennifer Silliman, Producer

Jennifer hid her intrusive thoughts from her family and friends for six months before she broke down in the bathroom with her husband and three month old baby girl. Her husband’s first response, “Do you want me to hide the knives?”  Shocked that the hospital let her leave after giving birth without asking if she was having any crazy thoughts, Jennifer has been devoting her energy into protecting women from facing this battle alone. She is the former Southeast Regional Coordinator for Postpartum Support International as well as the creator and facilitator of momTomoms, a postpartum depression support group for mothers and fathers.  


Dr. Shoshana Bennett, Executive Producer

Emerging from her own nightmare with postpartum depression thirty years ago, Dr. Shoshana Bennett started a crusade that has taken her into the lives of thousands of women across North America and around the world... helping them rebuild their lives and helping families heal. As a keynote speaker, guest lecturer and radio talkshow host, Dr. Shosh knows that positive thought, hope and the ability to apply sound physical and mental knowledge are powerful things... and she helps her clients do that every day.

Our Post Production Team


Camille Goldberg, Producer

Half project manager, half creative, that loves finding the connection between the two.  Camille specializes in video production for live action and animation (2D, 3D).  She has experience in feature film, documentary, commercial, live event, and web content,  She is the owner of Sweet Life Productions.  


Rachael Taber, Senior Editor/Supervising Producer

Rachael Taber is an award winning Senior Producer & Supervising Editor of cutting edge Documentary Style Television for News, Entertainment and Music.  It is her passion and curiosity for these subjects, that drives her crazy self all over the planet covering one amazing story after the next. Unless in-edit, or stalking prey… sitting still is never an option!  With 20 years experience, 10 at CNN, she is known as a passionate story teller with fresh, cinematic eye. Curious about the world. Different cultures. People. Music. Art forms. Causes.  Check out more of her work and industry awards at SQUIRRELZILLA PRODUCTIONS

Jonathan Zalben, Music Composer

Jonathan Zalben received an MA in music composition and multimedia from New York University, a BA in music from Yale University, and studied violin and music composition at Juilliard Pre-College. He currently runs First Frame Music a company for music supervision, licensing, and score.  Zalben has written original music for Son of Morning (Joseph Cross, Danny Glover, Heather Graham, Lorraine Bracco), Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror (Lionsgate / Xenon Pictures: Jason Alexander, Method Man, Billy Dee), and he has written music for documentaries: Oscar-nominated Redemption (HBO) directed by Jon Alpert and Matthew O'Neill, and The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (Sony Pictures Classics) directed by Morgan Spurlock.

Eric Valdes, Sound Editor

Eric Valdes is a location sound recordist with ten years experience in film and television and is the owner of Narrative Noise.  As a post sound designer he turns raw edits into professional, polished products.  He is known for his work on The Dive (2010), The Bunker (2011) and Rionegro (2011).  He loves telling stories. I love making noise. Narrative Noise provides audio solutions for video projects.